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Who are we?

We are a Dutch platform that brings out the latest Cryptocurrency news on a daily basis. We closely monitor the market and transfer knowledge to our audience. Through various tutorials and articles we explain complicated topics easily to our readers. By now we have built a following and community on Discord Telegram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn that faithfully follows our information daily. We now reach between 250 and 2,500 unique visitors daily (measured through Google Analytics). Who is not looking for a suitable target group that perfectly matches your company, product or service. By now we consist of a team of three people and through various collaborations our platform is growing fast.

What do we have to offer?

  • Between 20,000 and 50,000 unique visitors per month.
  • 50,000+ reach per month on Facebook and Instagram.
  • 15,500+ active connections on LinkedIn.
  • Community loyal readers on Discord, Reddit, Medium and Telegram.
  • Target audience with high affinity for cryptocurrency.
  • Weekly newsletter to loyal readers.
  • Targeted newsletter campaign to 3,000+ interested parties.
  • Articles with high reach.
  • Sidebar/home page banners with over 100,000 views per month.

Type of advertising opportunities:

  • A banner/link in our articles.
  • A banner in the sidebar, homepage and/or footer.
  • On the partner/sponsor page as a company.
  • A combination of the above.
  • Customization is negotiable.
  • One-time promotional article.
  • Press release, interview or advertorial.
  • Video recording with interview and recording on location.
  • Advertising in weekly newsletter.
  • Targeted newsletter campaign to 3000+ crypto interested.
  • And much more.

Advertising costs:

We have found that every project, company or service is unique and therefore it is best to initially schedule a meeting. Then we will identify your needs and requirements and make an adequate proposal based on that.

Affiliate deals:

In certain cases, we are willing to work on the basis of affiliate deals.

Contact details:

Mail: [email protected]
Telegram: @Crypto_Kevin

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